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Government to require big business to report on how fast they pay

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills is developing new regulations to require large businesses to provide various information on their payment practices. The big businesses will need to report on: Standard payment terms. Average time to pay invoices. Proportion of invoices going beyond agreed terms. Amount of late payment interest owed and paid. Financial… Learn more

Claimant Awarded Costs on the Indemnity Basis after the Defendant took an unreasonable stance following late service of the particulars and where relief from sanctions was entirely appropriate

In Viridor Waste Management Ltd v Veolia Es Ltd  (2015) the Claimant was awarded costs on the indemnity basis as the Defendant  had taken unreasonable advantage of the Claimant’s default in its “late” service of its particulars of claim in the hope that it would obtain a “strike out” of the Claimant’s unjust enrichment claim,… Learn more

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