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Proceedings seeking injunction against defamatory online comments served on Google by Hong Kong resident with UK interests

Hegglin v Google Inc, High Court After individuals posted defamatory allegations online about Mr Hegglin, he brought proceedings involving the US-based search engine giant, Google, in England.  The High Court considered English courts to be the most suitable jurisdiction despite Mr Hegglin currently residing in Hong Kong, as he had worked in London and still… Learn more scheme being kicked into the long grass

The Government’s flagship scheme appears to being kicked into the long grass – at least until after the next General Election. The scheme aims to see the sharing of GPs’ patient records to others in the NHS and ultimately for research purposes. It was due to be launched earlier this year but was postponed… Learn more

NHS saved over £1bn in 2013 by using more generic drugs

The National Health Service in England and Wales saved £1.3bn in 2013 by using more generic drugs. Usage of generic drugs now exceeds 75%. Overall, the use of generics drugs saves the NHS £12bn a year, compared to the position if the NHS would use only branded products, according to the British Generic Manufacturers Association.… Learn more

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