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IPF and other pharmacy bodies call on MPs to sign up to five pledges to put community pharmacy at the heart of healthcare

The Independent Pharmacy Federation, Pharmacy Voice and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee have joined forces to lobby MPs, by asking them to sign up to five pledges that would put community pharmacy at the heart of changes to healthcare. The five pledges are as follows: We will encourage patients to think ‘pharmacy first’, and we… Learn more

Ball back in play in EU GOLDEN BALLS dispute

Intra-Presse SAS v OHIM and Golden Balls Ltd, European Court of Justice The European Court of Justice has allowed an appeal regarding the registration of GOLDEN BALLS for dissimilar goods to those covered by an earlier registration for BALLON D’OR. The ECJ agreed with an earlier ruling of the General Court of the European Union… Learn more

About 50% of English people regularly taking prescription drugs

The state of the nation’s dependency on pharmaceuticals has been revealed by the comprehensive Health Survey for England published by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. 50% of women and 43% of men are now regularly taking prescription drugs. On average, each English person had 19 prescriptions in 2013. About 20% of people take… Learn more

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