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Debunking the myths surrounding medicine non-adherence

Data collected by Hamell shows that 63% of patients do not intentionally adhere to their medicines – is this due to laziness? Do they fear the side effects? Or is it because patients don’t understand the instructions? Beth Kennedy, reporter at Chemist + Druggist, delves a little deeper into the reasons why patients are failing… Learn more

Government launches review as to use of Freedom of Information Act

The Government has launched a cross-party review to consider whether the Freedom of Information Act is too expensive or intrusive. The cross-party team will consist of Jack Straw, Lord Carlile, Dame Patricia Hodgson, Michael Howard and Lord Burns. Matthew Hancock, the Cabinet Office Minister, said that the review would look to see if the Act… Learn more

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No: it’s a delivery drone.

Amazon is taking its delivery ambitions sky-high, in their efforts to fulfil its goal to deliver consumer goods via drone within 30 minutes. The retail giant has proposed the idea that a separate airspace, above the world’s cities and suburbs, should be set aside to facilitate high-speed aerial drones capable of flying automatically without any… Learn more

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