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EMA: app to be developed to report adverse drug reactions

The European Medicines Agency is taking forward plans to develop an app that will enable adverse drug reactions to be reported by healthcare professionals to regulators in the European Union. The three year project called WEB-RADR will consider the potential of social media data and its value for pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology. WEB-RADR is being funded… Learn more

Phones4u debacle

It is not often I write a blog which is really just aimed at one person but in this case if Mr Caudwell, founder of Phones 4u, is reading this, here are a couple things you might consider given that you seem to be upset about your former business being taken apart by the Mobile… Learn more

What’s changing in employment law on 1 October 2014?

There are a number of important changes coming into force on 1 October 2014, which employers and employees should be aware of. 1. Time off to attend up to two antenatal appointments with a pregnant woman Eligible employees and agency workers will be able to take unpaid time off work to accompany a pregnant woman… Learn more

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