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Whitehead leaves ABPI

Stephen Whitehead has left the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry, the body representing big pharma in the UK. The ABPI confirmed that it was now on the hunt for a new Chief Executive. Alison Clough is the acting Chief Executive while the search continues. In a statement, the ABPI said, “We want to thank… Learn more

EU bodies negotiate new EU Medical Devices Regulations

The top bodies at the European Union are now negotiating two new draft Regulations that aim to ensure medical devices are safe and have high quality. The Council of Ministers confirmed that discussions were now underway with the European Parliament and the European Commission on a Medical Devices Regulation and In-Vitro Medical Devices Regulation. The… Learn more

Medical Devices exposed to hacking

Thousands of medical systems including MRI scanners, X-ray machines and drug infusion pumps are exposed to hacking, creating major health risks for patients. That is according to security researchers, Mark Collao and Scott Erven, who presented their findings at the DerbyCon security conference. Erven said that the risks exist partly because medical equipment relies heavily… Learn more

Pharmacy Voice and Royal Pharmaceutical Society condemn fraud revealed by some pharmacists in controversial new report

Rob Darracott, the Chief Executive of Pharmacy Voice, has unconditionally condemned the isolated incidents where a community pharmacist has committed fraud. Meanwhile, Howard Duff, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Director for England said he believed the vast majority of pharmacists would be “shocked and appalled” by allegations in a report recently revealed by PKF Littlejohn, the… Learn more

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